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And Hope That My Dreams Will Come True [Steven/Malese]

Title: And Hope That My Dreams Will Come True
Pairing: Steven R. McQueen/Malese Jow
Rating: PG
Warnings: Unbeta'd
Words: 700
Summary: He missed her too much.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the boys. All characters belong to respective copyrights.
Notes: Written for caityjonas's prompt in vd_rpf's comment fic-a-thon.

Steve's answer faltered, hitched on a vowel as a familiar scent confused his focus. Paul's reaction was cold and unsurprised, as if he'd expected to lose Steve's attention. And perhaps, perhaps he did, he did know better, after all. Because as much as Steve was a talker, a mingler, the guy to go to for a good conversation, all hope was lost, once she walked through the door.

Malese closed the distance, running her hand across Steven's wide shoulder blades, leaving him cold as she took a step right past him, throwing a soft smile back over her shoulder. Steve tensed as he set his drink down on the counter, following her through the house, as the rest of the cast and crew continued to celebrate Katerina's birthday, an idea that Steve had been all for entirely, until, well... until she walked through the door.

"Hey," he called out softly, catching up until he was trailing only a few steps behind her, watching the way her soft yellow dress brushed against the back of her thighs. "Hey, you never mentioned that you'd be here," he mused finally, in a way that was almost accusing. They'd been talking, texting, sexting from miles away, with seven, eight, twelve, fourteen states between them at all times. He'd seen her face, sure; on facebook, on myspace, in the back and front of his mind, but it'd been months, seven whole months, since he'd been able to just...

"I didn't know I was supposed to mention it," she shrugged coyly, staying perfectly still as Steven's hand ran softly over the side of her face. "And it looks like now you know," she added, smirking almost darkly as she took a step back, breaking the contact that Steve had been needing for a time too long to measure.

"Where are you going?" He called out loudly, feet planted to the carpet in the hall, as he watched her blessed yellow dim into nothing, fading into a room unknown.

He followed without hesitation, finally finding the strength to snap out of whatever daze he'd been in. She was here, she was real, she was in the state, the city, the building.

Be damned if he was gonna let her go.

"Took you long enough," she smiled softly as he entered the room that'd swallowed her away from him, apparently chewing up and forgetting to repair her clothes. Her black leather bomber jacket had been thrown to the floor, a messy, dangerous bulk of dark comfort. His eyes barely noticed it, as they fell to her dress, straps loose over her shoulders, sliding down, down, down.

"I've missed you," he admitted finally, swallowing deeply as he watched her take a step back, always back, until she stopped still, dropping onto the bed behind her.

"Shut the door," she requested firmly, a suggestion that was more of a demand, as she pushed herself up on the bed. Steve watched as her dress slid up her thighs, resting against her stomach as it shamelessly exposed a pair of light blue lace panties.

Steve's hand trembled over the doorknob as he did what he was told, feeling a rush of emotions all good, bad and feral. His steps were muted over the carpet in the room, letting the soft squeak of springs as he crawled on the bed be the first break in the silence that had fallen heavily between them. It was a moment unfamiliar, as Malese pulled him down, resting his body over hers, before her lips pressed to his in a kiss that was long overdue.

"I've missed you too," she echoed finally, letting the words tumble out against his skin as her strawberry lipgloss tinted his jaw. It was sticky and sickly, too sweet, too warm, too wet. But Steve closed his eyes anyhow, hands everywhere, legs everywhere, lips everywhere, as he realized he'd never want it any other way.


Tags: fandom: vampire diaries, pairing: (vpdrps) mcqueen/jow, rating: pg
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